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WHISK EIGHT is a creative takeaway Asian waffle bar where friends and families can share the happiness of authentic waffles. We serve waffles with fresh ingredients and homemade batter. Our mission is to bring over popular street snacks across Asia with a Belgian twist to all foodies!

The name WHISK EIGHT has definitely a link to baking; WHISK is the English translation for 'klopper' or 'garde' in Dutch, the tool that chefs use to mix their batter. The number EIGHT refers to the infinite pattern that certain chefs make while mixing their batter or sauce.

Lok & Andrew
Lok and Andrew are two food travelers with an incredible passion for exploring culinary excellence. Both grew up in Belgium and have been working in Asia for the last 8 years where they explored ‘East meets West’.  While there, they became more interested and fascinated about food.
Whether it be in Tokyo having quite a few bowls of rice topped with pork from a vending machine restaurant. Or fooling around at Seoul fish market for having the freshest bites. Or enjoying a skewer feast in the busiest street of Bangkok. Not to mention having the best good looking dishes from Michelin star restaurants in Hong Kong.
Food has become the sole reason to visit a destination for many travelers, especially in Asia. The best food is usually not served in fancy restaurants, but in the carts and stalls lining busy streets and quiet alleys. Traveling has always been an important part as well as an inspiration for their flavorsome waffles.
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